Awards & Recognition

Elizabeth Luras is a U.S. Army Military Intelligence veteran and she serves as one of the nation’s leading military advocates, having addressed Congress in Washington DC on multiple occasions on behalf of her fellow freedom-fighting brothers and sisters. She has been recognized by Congressional leaders on multiple occasions for her advocacy on behalf of her service members. 

Ms. Luras is currently an MBA Candidate and a Bible college graduate of George Fox University, where she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Organizational Leadership. Elizabeth is an inspiring motivational speaker, to include being the keynote speaker for the city of Seattle's Veterans Memorial Day Event 2014, and the host of NBC's American Odyssey Women Warriors Premier 2015.  Elizabeth was a radio contributor on The Exceptional Conservative Show, with Ken McClenton out of Washington DC, and she has hosted her own radio show, The Liz Luras Show, Soldier Talk Radio via SHR Media and Pundit Press.

Ms. Luras fiercely advocates on behalf of both male and female service members and veterans, focusing on addressing issues of Military Sexual Trauma (MST), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), homelessness, suicide intervention, and assisting veterans in receiving their rightful benefits. As a survivor of MST, Elizabeth can personally relate to the hardships and unique challenges facing veterans, and it drives her passion for helping those who have fallen on hard times.

Ms. Luras was nationally recognized in 2013, as the 1st Runner Up in the Ms. Veteran America competition, which honors military women for their advocacy efforts beyond the uniform and all of the proceeds of the event are used to help homeless veterans. In addition, she also received the Ms. Resilience award in recognition of her extensive work as a champion, mentor, and supporter of veterans. Ms. Luras ran a second year and finished as a Top 10 Finalist in 2014.

Ms. Luras volunteers her time as a National Veteran’s Suicide Intervention Advocate and has served as a board member of multiple veteran’s advocacy organization. In addition, Elizabeth has worked in the Veteran’s Administration with the Chaplain’s Office and has done considerable speaking and lobbying for various other veterans groups and organizations. Ms. Luras-Fraser worked as a humanitarian aid for the largest Christian Global Humanitarian Organization in the world.

Elizabeth has dedicated her life to being a courageous voice for those in need. She believes that even one brave voice speaking out in truth can make a difference and have a profound impact on the world. 

Liz Luras

Army Veteran, Military Advocate and Motivational Speaker